Winter Field Day 2018 January 27/28
Winter Field Day 2018                                    January 27/28  

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Some History:
During 2006 the suggestion for SPAR to sponsor a Winter Field Day was made and after discussions in the Forum, rules and a date were set. On January 13-14, 2007, the First Annual Winter Field Day was held and based on comments from the participants; this will indeed go down in the record books as the start of an annual tradition.

It all started last June when Charles, N5PVL asked if SPAR would be interested in sponsoring a winter field day activity. There followed a discussion, proposed rules and modifications, all culminating in a vote in September approving SPAR's sponsorship. Next came a flurry of activities to get the word out on fairly short notice and finally, the actual contest in January.

Walt (W5ALT), Charlie (KY5U) contributed greatly to the success of SPAR and WFD. However, due to medical issues activity within SPAR, their forum and support of WFD have declined. Walt did state in the forum that he was somewhat overloaded.

Many amateur operators were upset that 2015 scores were not posted and we could not get a response out of SPAR. They also thought that WFD would just fade away. That is when several of us band together and formed Winter Field Day Association.

There are new rules and the date is still the last full weekend in January. A  committee has been setup to get things up and running. They are: Tom (WD8MBE), Bill (VE3CLQ), Erik (WX4ET), Dave (W3DET) and Ken (N8KC).


WFDA is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization

We volunteer our time and we are not funded by any sponsors at this time.

For now, if there are any questions, suggestions, or complaints; please email them to

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