Dec 21, 2017

My Portable Antennas


I have a few portable antennas that I use depending on the location and method of travel. Sometimes it just a preference.

Most of my portable operation is close to my truck, often using the tail gate as a table.

Now for the antennas I use.

I have a Buddiepole dipole that's good for 2 to 40 meters and with some wire can be made into an NVIS at 20 meters to 80 meters. Pretty easy to set up and has been pretty effective. This mostly used for a single day for few hours.

If I want to leave the antenna up for a couple days I use a PAR(now LMR) EndFDZ mono band either on 20 or 40 meters. For that operation I have a couple telescoping fiberglass poles, one at 19' and one at 33'. With the antenna set a sloper they seem to work ok. To hold one of the fiberglass poles I use a steel stake type fence post and a couple bungie cords. The match box end hooks to one the handles on the truck canopy.

Apr 11

I run either a Buddistick or a Par End-Fed Trail Friendly depending upon my location. The End-Fed is lighter and smaller but the Buddistick is the most versatile in terms of placement. Both carry well along with my CTX-10, computer and accessories in a Rush-72 pack.

Aug 23

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