Winter Field Day 2018 January 27/28
Winter Field Day 2018                                    January 27/28  


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July 18, 2017


WFD 2017 scoring took longer then I had planned. But there were many problems and we are hoping to address these before WFD 2018.


WFD has 3 categories. (O) Outdoors, (I) Indoors, (H) Home. ARRL Field Day logging software DOES NOT support WFD. They use different categories.

So, if you have 2 transmitters on the air at the same time and your Outdoors, your category would be 2O.


WFD Mode Categories are (PH) Phone, (DI) Digital and (CW) Code. Refer to the rules page for further information.


Please understand what a Cabrillo log file looks like. There is a website dedicated to Cabrillo. We will also be posting an actual Cabrill Template within the Rules Page.


There were 2 popular logging software packages used. N3FJP and N1MM. 

Please make sure you have the latest version of N3FJP. Check your program and then check his website. I have been told that N1MM is difficult to setup for WFD but still cab be used. Make sure it is properly setup for WFD. Also, N1MM does not take Power used for its total score. So, whatever your N1MM total score is, multiply that by your Power multiplier.


DO NOT send your log file as part of your email body. Attach it to your email as a file See Rules page for more information.


There is a New Log Summary button on the Home Page. Weask that you enter your stations info which will help speed up scoring. You still must submit a log

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